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Detach From Drama, Let Go of Control, Then Follow the Flow Featuring Sara Wiseman

Episode 51


In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Sarah Wiseman, a visionary teacher and intuitive. They discuss topics such as spiritual awakening, living from the soul, self-love, manifestation, and divine portals. Sarah shares her insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of detaching from drama, letting go of control, and following the flow of the universe. They also touch on the current energetic shifts happening on the planet and the unique opportunity we have to be part of this transformative time. In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie and Sara Wiseman discuss various topics related to spirituality and consciousness. They touch on channeling versus receiving messages, the process of channeling, the difference between knowing and thinking, and the concept of multi-dimensional living. They also explore the shift from spirituality to one consciousness, the importance of nature in spirituality, and the significance of children with psychic abilities. The conversation concludes with a discussion on staying centered and disengaging from drama and fear in the world.


  • Spiritual awakening is the realization that the mainstream worldview is not accurate and that there is a way to connect with our soul self or collective soul.

  • Living from the soul involves detaching from drama, letting go of control, and embracing consciousness and authenticity.

  • Self-love is essential for our spiritual journey and involves accepting and loving ourselves completely, as well as granting others the same freedom.

  • Manifestation can be approached through the law of flow, which involves following the subtle nudges and synchronicities of the universe rather than trying to force outcomes.

  • Divine portals are like doorways or spaces, allowing us to access different dimensions or experiences in meditation or consciousness.

  • The current energetic shifts on the planet are bringing about a paradigm shift and a release of old energies, leading to personal and collective transformation.

  • Multi-dimensional living involves being aware of everything all at once, while one-dimensional living is following a set path without considering other possibilities.

  • Spirituality may eventually fade away as the concept of one consciousness becomes more prevalent.

  • Nature and the environment play a significant role in spirituality and should be appreciated and respected.

  • Children with psychic abilities are coming into the world with unique gifts and should be supported and nurtured.

  • To stay centered, disengage from drama and fear, and to seek the truth through meditation or prayer.

Bio: Sara Wiseman is an intuitive, channel and visionary teacher of spiritual intuition. The founder of Intuition University, she has taught hundreds of thousands of students via her bestselling books, courses and training. Sara writes the popular Daily Divine blog, hosts the Spiritual Psychic podcast and is the creator of Divine Oracle. She lives in Portland, Oregon. For FREE gifts visit

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