Do You Feel Guilt, Shame, Blame? Take YOUR Power Back with Guest Mary Armendarez

Episode 40

8/18/20231 min read

Spiritual Illuminator, Mary Armendarez, joins Dr. Sandra Marie to discuss events and trauma in our lives where we let go of our power and focuses on how we can regain our power. The two share how early programming in our lives snowballs and influences much of our unworthiness and low self-esteem.

Mary shares her spiritual journey, growing up Catholic, becoming pregnant at 18, and experiencing an abusive marriage, that led her to a path of taking her power back by partnering with the angels, using spiritual tools like the power of colors like the violet light, and the ruby red light, the use of mother earth, and energetic protection techniques.

Mary explains power retrieval and tools to regain our power in life. The two also discuss the influences of ancestral trauma that translates into our current life in ways we may not understand. Mary shares opportunities to heal ancestral trauma encoded in us.

Bio: Mary Armendarez, who was born and raised in Carmel, California, is an intuitive healer, motivational speaker and power retrieval guide. Her passion is helping others raise their vibration and step into their own individual power. Ten years ago, during a period of self-introspection and reflection, Mary concluded that she no longer needed to live with fear and anxiety. During this period, she was introduced to the 12 Archangels from the central sun and discovered Power-retrieval healing techniques. This was transformative and now she leads a life of freedom, self-love and self mastery. She loves to teach others to discover and utilize their power within so that they may realize their true potential for freedom, self-love and abundance.

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