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Wild Spirit Farm RETREATS

Welcome to Wild Spirit Farm

I am very excited to share the transformational journey of this beautiful farm in the Appalachian foothills of Southern Ohio, which is flanked on three sides by Wayne National Forest. If you want to tune out all the noise in your life to reconnect with yourself, this is the place.

The search process spanned almost two years. We definitely saw some beautiful land and have some interesting stories to tell from site visits. The big challenge was finding a place that could be a working farm and house a retreat center - two very different concepts - or not, depending who you talk to. We found what is now, Wild Spirit Farms.

The property didn’t really tick off many of the “must haves” on the list, but the energy, peacefulness, and beauty stopped us in our tracks. There is no question I was universally guided to this property. I know you will feel the same when you come visit us. Wild Soul Gatherings had finally found a home!

I am very excited for you to share in our experiences, as we get the farm re-established to its former days of being a working farm and upgraded for a retreat center. The clean up and basic functionality has been started. We hope you enjoy the videos and pictures from the start and continue to watch for our ongoing progress.

Wild Spirit Farm


COMING Fall 2025