Wild Spirit Farm Updates

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Meet Our New Kids

(Drum roll) Introducing.....





What is Happening on the Farm

The spring has been busy with babies! Four of our Nigerian Dwarf goats had kids with two sets of twins this past week and two singles last month. The baby chicks and their momma's are exploring the grounds, and more bunnies keep popping up. Lots of cuteness keeping us busy. The first cutting of hay complete, garden planted and thriving.

Construction and Remodeling Alive and Well

Wild Spirit Farms continues to move forward with "retreat readiness!" We have run into a few unexpected hiccups and some structural issues, our mantra "there is always a solution". Positive progress is noted daily. We are so excited to share this beautiful, peaceful space with all you Wild Souls!

Enjoy the Scenery......

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets! The night skies consist of breathtaking moons and stars that are hard to capture with the camera. Even occasional Starlink sitings (not UFOs).

Wild Spirit Farms