Always Follow Your Bliss with Guest Linda Elie

Episode 44


Episode 44

In this conversation with Dr. Sandra Marie, Linda Elie discusses mindset, spirituality, manifestation, and following one's bliss. She emphasizes the importance of understanding one's spiritual purpose and the power of mindset in shaping our lives. Linda shares personal stories of receiving messages and experiencing synchronicities that have guided her on her path. She also highlights the need to shift our focus from material wealth to what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. Linda encourages listeners to step back and observe life from a different perspective, choosing not to live in fear and embracing the power to make a difference in the world. In this conversation, Linda Elie discusses the importance of always following your bliss. She emphasizes the need to listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. Linda shares her personal journey of self-discovery and how she found her true passion. She also provides practical tips for connecting with your wild soul and living a fulfilling life.


  • Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts.

  • Discover your true passion and live a fulfilling life.

  • Recognize your spiritual purpose.

  • Your beliefs and words create your reality.

  • Embrace your wild soul and always follow your bliss.

Bio: Linda Elie, the visionary behind Always Follow Your Bliss, LLC, melds over 35 years of personal development training with extensive financial expertise and intuitive skills she learned from horse training. Based in sunny Florida, she followed HER bliss and transitioned from careers in accounting and horse training to becoming a speaker, mentor, and empowerment expert.

In her transformative journey, Linda became a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer in 2017, which marked her foray into global teaching and coaching. Her passions include ballroom dancing, globe-trotting, and supporting local charities. In 2022, her pursuit of excellence led Linda to become a Certified Dreambuilder Coach followed by her accreditation as a Rapid Results Coach from Future Force, Inc. in 2023.

Linda believes in the power of storytelling to connect and inspire. She says, "In ballroom dancing, each step counts; in life, small decisions pave the path to joy and success. This philosophy resonates throughout her coaching, making Linda the ideal guide for anyone seeking to blend success with personal fulfillment.

Her coaching approach is unique and effective. She works with individuals who are successful yet feel stuck, helping them find the clarity, confidence and courage they need to elevate their success and enjoy a joyful and fulfilling life. With a flawless blend of professional acumen, and life experience Linda will empower you to Follow YOUR Bliss and become all you that YOU can be.

Linda Elie




Dr. Sandra Marie

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