Angel Food For Thought, Angel Feng Shui, Angel Numerology and Angel Support With Jayne Feldman

Episode 27


Episode 27

Dr. Sandra Marie and Jayne Feldman have an enlightening and insightful conversation on all the amazing opportunities available with the angels. She shares her first meeting with angels and how she grew those relationships.

Dr. Sandra gets clarification on her curiosities on angel “names” and hiring or requesting angel assistance. Jayne explains angel Feng Shui and how to integrate into your home providing actionable suggestions to increase the energy in partnership with angels. Jayne talks about angel numerology and how she uses astrology to recognize your angel teams.

Jayne shares a big part of her service is art, encourage people to embrace the soul artisan expression, the energy of art and art moving geographically sharing in 1998 the Vatican allowed angel art not available to the outside world to travel to multiple countries changing energy. She talks about space art from the James Webb telescope and the amazing images. The energy of pictures of baby nebula being born, and the Star of David alignment and energy coming November 23, 2023. Jayne also shares her excitement with the Slooh,com website membership she has that includes images from telescopes in Chile and the Canary Islands.

“Calmness is the new superpower for 2023!” Jayne talks about leveraging the angels during these times of change and darkness. Support your sensitivity or your energy and your love affair with life. Raising your energy with that delights you, calm yourself with music, programs that make your life, information that expands you. “Calmness on earth begins with you!”

Bio: Jayne is an author, ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master and curator of Angel Heights Healing Arts Center. Jayne maintains a private spiritual life coaching and counseling practice offering telephone and in-person consultations.

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