Crystals: Nature’s Powerhouses Heal Mind, Body and Soul with guest Julie Baldino

Episode 13


Episode 13

Dr. Sandra Marie brings Julie Baldino a certified crystal specialist to the show. Julie has become a bit of a “go-to” person on the subject of crystals. Her relationship with crystals started as a child and she engaged the crystals using her intuitive sense to holistically address addiction to alcohol, depression, and burnout.

Julie talks about unintentionally going viral on tik tok performing a healing session after some Divine guidance and shares her in-depth knowledge on the uses of crystals while providing resources for the listeners.

Julie discusses being a full-time real estate broker and incorporating crystals in her brokerage activities to improve energy (and sales prices) in clients’ spaces.

Bio: Julie Baldino is an energy alchemist and founder of Ritual Room, is an esteemed pioneer in the realm of spiritual well-being. With extensive training in the use of crystals and a deep commitment to transforming the energetic landscape, Julie has emerged as an Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki II student, and trauma informed energy healing. Driven by an unwavering passion for promoting a harmonious and balanced life, Julie specializes in the art of revitalizing spaces through the strategic use of crystals and smoke cleansing rituals, clearing blocked energy pathways within the body, and bringing clarity and guidance to those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and spirit. What sets Julie apart is her dedication to teaching others the art of impeccable energetic hygiene through uncomplicated and easy daily practices, empowering individuals to cultivate peace and serenity in their lives. Her teachings resonate with simplicity, making the often intricate and elusive world of spirituality accessible to all. Julies expertise, honed by years of experience and multiple certifications in various healing modalities, has garnered her a reputation as a trusted authority in the field, whether she is infusing a space with good vibes or guiding individuals on their spiritual path.



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