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Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery Featuring Benita Silver

Episode 48


Episode 48

In this episode, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Benita Silver, a spiritual mentor, intuitive, and psychotherapist. They discuss the importance of balancing caring for others and self-care, the Internal Family Systems therapy, building a relationship with oneself, becoming a spiritual mentor, embracing spirituality and energetics in work, vulnerability and self-acceptance, exploring the frontier of self, saying no after saying yes, and helping others in the awakening process. In this conversation, Benita Silver discusses the process of stepping into a higher frequency and the challenges and opportunities it presents. She emphasizes the importance of witnessing and holding space for the emotions that arise during this transition. Nature is seen as a powerful source of healing and balance, connecting us to our true essence. Benita also explores ways to manage the craziness of the world and find peace amidst chaos, including focusing on what we agree on and putting light and love out into the world. She encourages listeners to move beyond dualistic thinking and embrace the journey of self-discovery, recognizing the value of growth and evolution.


  • Balancing caring for others and self-care is crucial for overall well-being.

  • The Internal Family Systems therapy helps individuals connect with their true essence and integrate all parts of themselves.

  • Building a relationship with oneself is essential for personal growth and understanding.

  • Becoming a spiritual mentor involves trusting guidance from source and honing intuitive abilities.

  • Embracing spirituality and energetics in work can enhance the therapeutic process.

  • Vulnerability and self-acceptance are key to personal transformation.

  • Exploring the frontier of self is an ongoing adventure that leads to growth and understanding.

  • Learning to say no after saying yes is important for setting boundaries and honoring oneself.

  • Helping others in the awakening process involves providing emotional support and honoring their journey.

Bio: Benita's passion is providing Spiritual Mentorship for high-energy healers who feel their soul calling them to make a bigger impact. A psychotherapist for over 40 years, Internal Family System (IFS) Level 3 Certified, and Intuitive Energy Healer, Tantrica, and Space Holder, she brings deep presence, compassion, and connection to those who she serves. Through their work, her clients embrace themselves with love and serve as a powerful source of inspiration and guidance to others. Benita particularly loves serves those who are entering into the "Not-Knowing," the alchemical urn of creation, where mystery, fear, and doubt transmute into magic and miracles.

Benita Silver

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