Empowered Curiosity: Business Meets Spirituality with guest Kat Lee

Episode 35


Episode 35

Dr. Sandra Marie brings Kat Lee to the show. They have a fun and informative conversation about bringing spirituality and business together.

Kat talks about her journey from practicing as an acupuncturist in a fertility clinic using the Daoist medicine tradition and her frustration of practicing Eastern medicine in a Western medicine mentality framework. During Covid the clinic was shut down giving her time to re-evaluate life and engage with people in social media platforms that pulled her to make a career move using Daoist medicine principles to create a spiritual based business model to assist entrepreneurs and business people to create spiritually based business practices.

Kat shares the importance of the nervous system that drives almost all our decision life and nervous system regulation. She goes into further detail to explain nervous regulation using real life personal and business example. The two also discuss the intuition, Kat goes in depth in sharing insights on recognizing true intuition.

Bio: Kat Lee is a trauma-informed Spiritual Business Mentor and host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast. She uses the tools of somatic and emotional alchemy to guide soulful entrepreneurs to approach their business as a spiritual practice. This allows them to cultivate businesses that are rooted in conscious values, ethical marketing and purposeful service.





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The Empowered Curiosity Podcast is a space where service-based entrepreneurs who view business as a spiritual practice learn how to grow their purposeful businesses. Our purpose is to help you cultivate a sustainably profitable, ethically-grounded business that follows the rhythms of nature. Host Kat Lee and guests share wisdom about anchoring into your relationship to intuition, emotional alchemy and somatic healing to weave it into the foundations of your work so it nourishes you and ripples out into healing for the collective.

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