Keeping Your Spiritual Center to Maintain YOUR Sanity-Part 2: 100% Service to Yourself and 100% Service to Others

Episode 20


Episode 20

Dr. Sandra Marie welcomes back to the show, Mark Robinson, medical intuitive and energetic restructuring healer. The two discuss the meaning of 100% service to your self and 100% service to others. Mark shares that in our society being self-deprecating and sacrificing is revered and service to self has been demonized as selfish, he shares you cannot save someone else when you are drowning. A person needs to feel safe and secure which is based in self care before they can be of meaningful service to others and a person should come from a place of love when being of service to others not a duty or grudgingly for the service to be a win-win.

Mark focused on others not judging a person’s actions and commitment to self-care. The conversation expanded to a judgement being someone else's beliefs and why are we willing to own and live by another's beliefs which may not be our own. The two discuss self-judging and the negative influence of being our own worse critic. Mark shares the importance of embracing your personal power to stay on a positive path.

The two discuss the importance of positivity, small, random acts of kindness and starting each day with the goal of being positive. Every day holds challenges and we may not always be successful, but each new moment provides another opportunity to focus on the goal. Mark shares some of his personal opportunities and successes. He discusses the importance of letting children know they are lovable and in the end nothing matters but love and loving.


Mark Robinson


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