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More Insights Into New Earth, Our Ascension Has Arrived!

Bonus Episode


Bonus Episode

Mark Robinson joins Dr. Sandra Marie to provide follow-up, and new insights based on questions and responses from the listeners regarding Episode 32: The Apocalypse Has Arrived: Welcome to NEW Earth! a podcast Mark and Dr. Sandra recorded earlier.

This episode touches on the interweaving, interplay, and correlations between biblical, prophecy, science, astrology, and the spiritual community including those on the other side.

Dr. Sandra talks about increasing Solar Flares directed toward Earth and the electromagnetic effects on humans and the Earth. Mark goes back to Heaven’s Cross, the opening of the veil, and the two discuss their insights, and personal experiences while sharing clarifications about Heaven’s Cross including the event being driven by the increasing consciousness on the planet and not an astrological event. They also discuss what Geoffrey Hoppe who channels Adamus St. Germaine shared about Heaven’s Cross and the importance of the opening being a personal experience.

1987 The Harmonic Conversion
2011 The Christ Consciousness, Love returns
2012 Aquarian Age begins
2019 Coronavirus
2023 March 20 Sun into Aquarius marking the beginning of the New Earth
March 22 The first day of the New World
March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius
2025 The Harmonic Conversion Ends
2044 Pluto in Aquarius ends

Bio: Mark Robinson is a medical intuitive with 30 years of experience. He uses dowsing and his intuitive style to find root causes and origins of destructive imprints, beliefs, patterns and memories in all your lives and alters or removes their frequency so they are no longer sabotaging your life. This sets the stage for you to make a positive changes in emotions, thoughts, actions, and physical well being that will faciiltate your growth, evolution and transformation.

Mark Robinson

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