My Life as a Spiritual Being on a Human Experience: Keeping In Touch with the “Other Side” with guest Melissa Abell

Episode 33


Episode 33

Melissa Abell joins Dr. Sandra Marie to talk about her fascinating life as a spiritual being on a human journey. She discusses her childhood exposure to traditional religion as well as Edward Cayce, astrology, and the tarot. She goes into her spiritual “education” including teachers, attending Arthur Findley Spiritualist College in the UK, and attunements that provided her a foundation to be an influential spiritual teacher, advisor, and offers services and programs to support individuals.

Dr. Sandra Marie shares her enthusiasm about Melissa’s latest offering The Next Grand Adventure which is for people who are experiencing end of life situations. The two dialogue about hospice and limited options to support end of life for people experiencing end of life situations. Melissa shares The Next Grand Adventure takes a positive approach focusing on what’s next when we leave the earth!

The topic of suffering comes up in conversation a few times and the two discuss the prevalence of belief in suffering which Dr. Sandra Marie shares is “optional” and Melissa agrees provides no rewards.

Melissa shares insights from her guides including thoughts on 2023 where the guides shared the importance of understanding that we are vibrational energetic beings to navigate changes and life. The guides also focused on Artificial Intelligence especially with a focus on the Arts and Education.

Bio: An intrepid self-explorer, Melissa devoured her mother’s Seth Material and Edgar Cayce books while learning to read at age six and never stopped leaning in to life’s mysteries and the seeker’s path. Schooled at England’s Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College and long active in astrology, tarot, numerology, Reiki, angelic studies and mediumship, she has been a teacher and student of myriad aspects of spirituality and metaphysics for decades.

Melissa has been in private practice for 27 years and offers a variety of private consultations. Additionally, she partners with her mother/best friend, Charlotte Abell, to offer Next Grand Adventure readings and artwork for those not long for this physical world.




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