Mystical Egypt and Cosmic Connections! Featuring Dr. Steve Koc

Episode 46


Episode 46

Dr. Sandra Marie and Dr. Steve Koc discuss their profound experiences during a trip to Egypt and the spiritual connections they felt. They share their personal journeys and how they have been shaped by their spiritual experiences. The conversation explores the concept of downloads, where individuals receive a large amount of information quickly, and the role of intuition and cosmic memories. The discussion highlights the importance of trusting one's own intuition and the inter-connectedness of individuals and the spiritual realm. In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie and Dr. Steve discuss various spiritual concepts and the importance of living a heart-driven life. They touch on topics such as reincarnation, and the existence of multiple lifetimes. They emphasize the importance of kindness and serving others, as well as the power of uplifting and connecting with all individuals. The conversation concludes with a message of gratitude and a reminder to embrace one's wild soul.


  • Profound spiritual experiences can occur during trips or journeys, leading to personal growth and transformation.

  • Trusting one's intuition can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and the spiritual realm.

  • Synchronicities and connections with others can provide validation and support on the spiritual journey.

  • Be in the here and now and give and serve as much as you can, feel it in the heart.

  • There is power in uplifting and connecting with all individuals.

Bio: Dr. Steve Koc has worked as a Doctor of Chiropractic, yoga and meditation instructor, businessman, community organizer and minister for almost five decades. At mid-life he ventured to the forests of Oregon to pursue creative interests: producing award-winning new-age music, video, art, and writing. He has successfully assisted many thousands of seekers on their own paths through his compassionate and often humorous approach to life.

He is the author of The Seeker, An Unintentional Pilgrimage By 1971, the hippie culture of peace and love had fallen short on its promise of utopia, and a new age of spiritual exploration was filling the void. When a young American leaves home at the height of this counterculture revolution, he has no idea of the spiritual revelations that await.


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