Sexuality Intersects Spirituality Featuring Rebekah Beneteau

Episode 45


Episode 45


In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Rebekah Beneteau, a sex relationship intimacy education coach, about the intersection of spirituality and sexuality. Rebekah shares her personal journey and how she became a sex educator and energy healer. She explains the concept of orgasm as life force energy and how spirituality can enhance our connection to our bodies and sexuality. The conversation also touches on the cultural shift towards embracing positive and joyful experiences, overcoming limiting beliefs, and the importance of self-service and service to others.


  • Spirituality and sexuality are interconnected, and embracing both can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

  • Orgasm is not just a physical experience but a flow of life force energy through the body.

  • Cultural beliefs and religious teachings often create barriers to embracing our sexuality, but we can redefine our beliefs and reclaim our bodies.

  • Overcoming baggage and limiting beliefs is essential for personal growth and embracing a positive mindset.

Bio: With over two decades of expertise in the realms of sex, intimacy, and relationships, Rebekah Beneteau is a seasoned life coach and energy healer. Her journey has been enriched by comprehensive training at the Lafayette and New York More House, as well as graduating from the esteemed Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She also draws inspiration from the transformative practices of Access Consciousness. She specializes in guiding midlife women and couples, empowering them to rediscover and reignite their sexuality. Her mission is to empower people to choose a more fulfilling, pleasurable life through self-discovery and by fostering deeper connections to their bodies, their sexuality and the people they share those things with. Rebekah is a Barbara Brennan Energy Healer, Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator and CFMW

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