Society May Not Know How to Support Grieving, But Spirit Does! with guest Kim Coots

Episode 38


Episode 38

Kim Coots, grief coach, evidential medium, astrologist, and energy healing practitioner joins Dr. Sandra Marie to discuss ways to manage “dark grief.” She unexpectedly lost her only child to an unintentional fentanyl overdose and weeks later her mother which put her on a journey to support others dealing with overwhelming grief.

Their conversation weaves in Kim’s spiritual journey that includes managing her corporate roles while keeping her spiritual work in the “closet”. Her pull to become a grief counselor for some unknown reason and how all these events have led her to develop a practice to support others experiencing overwhelming grief.

Kim shares how traditional and societal grief supports available didn’t work for her. She discusses her journey with delving into the spiritual modalities and tools to help with the grief. Kim talks about some spiritual tools available to support grief work like shamanic work, astrology, and evidential mediumship.

Bio: Kim Coots is an evidential medium, astrologist, and energy healing practitioner who’s passionate about helping people connect with loved ones on the Other Side, and find hope, healing, and purpose living after loss.


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