The Tarot: A Spiritual Tool With Rev. Joe Geores

Episode 25


Episode 25

Join Dr. Sandra for this amazing conversation with the Rev. Joe Goeres, Master Tarot card reader and instructor. He shares a bit about his spiritual journey before delving into the many aspects of the Tarot. Joe ties his vast knowledge of the Tarot together sharing historical references, the importance of the imagery of the cards, culture both world and personal, intuition, and practical application during his conversation with Dr. Sandra Marie who has a pretty significant fascination with the Tarot. He shares his humor while providing insights and perhaps some AHA moments for the listeners.

Bio: Joe is a gifted medium who brings an eclectic background to the spiritual path and to the show. He has studied and worked with the Tarot for over three decades. He also works with the pendulum, Reiki, and trance mediumship to help provide insights and guidance.

To contact Joe email him at

The upcoming class schedule for early 2023:United Metaphysical Church’s Education Programs, January 20 to 23, online Zoom Classes, go to and visit the calendar page for more information.

Beginning Tarot in February and March, contact Joe at for more information.

For private readings and channeling sessions, contact Joe at for more information.

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