This Loneliness Epidemic is a Real Thing! Featuring Dr. Don St. John

Episode 47



In this conversation, Dr. Don St. John and Dr. Sandra Marie discuss the loneliness epidemic and the role of ayahuasca in spiritual development. They highlight the impact of loneliness on physical and mental health, with statistics showing increased risks of strokes, dementia, and heart disease. They emphasize the importance of connection and heartfelt relationships for overall well-being. They also discuss the role of social media in contributing to loneliness and the need to remove masks and be authentic in our interactions. They suggest taking small risks, valuing solitude, and addressing negative self-talk as steps to combat loneliness. They also explore the integration of spirituality in addressing loneliness and the importance of purifying deep core beliefs that no longer serve us. Don St John discusses the importance of addressing childhood beliefs in order to create a supportive reality. He also shares his experience with ayahuasca and its role in spiritual growth and connection. The conversation highlights the need to move beyond separateness and focus on love and connection. Don St John provides resources for personal growth and emphasizes the power of love in the universe.


  • Loneliness is a global public health concern, with significant impacts on physical and mental health.

  • Connection and heartfelt relationships are essential for overall well-being.

  • Social media can contribute to loneliness by creating a false sense of connection.

  • Removing masks and being authentic in our interactions is crucial for combating loneliness.

  • Taking small risks, valuing solitude, and addressing negative self-talk are practical steps to address loneliness.

  • Integrating spirituality involves purifying deep core beliefs that no longer serve us.

  • Addressing childhood beliefs is crucial for creating a supportive reality.

  • Ayahuasca can facilitate spiritual growth and connection, providing insights and healing.

  • Moving beyond separateness and focusing on love and connection is essential for personal and collective growth.

  • There are various resources available for personal growth, such as structural integration and movement practices.

  • Love is the fundamental force in the universe.

Bio: Dr. Don St John, is a psychotherapist, teacher, author, and Mestre who has been immersed in the psychological, somatic, relational, and spiritual worlds for more than fifty years. Dr. St John has a unique perspective on healing and human potential, having constructed a view that includes four essential and interrelated components: the Somatic (Body), the Psycho-Emotional, the Relational, and the Spiritual.

Dr. St John's personal journey, which includes enduring years of intense physical and verbal abuse in his Italian-American Catholic home, has led him to a fulfilling marriage of 38 years, trust in his own abilities and instincts, and a love for life.

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Author: Healing the Wounds of Childhood and Culture
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