Words Create Your Reality

Episode 11


Episode 11

Dr. Sandra Marie brings back favorites, Penny Petys, astrologer, and Mark Robinson, energetic restructuring and medical intuitive for a playful conversation on the power of our words and how these words are creating our reality.

Dr. Sandra Marie and Penny are accountability and gratitude partners, sharing with the listeners the format and benefits of this practice. They also discuss how they hold each other accountable for their spoken words, and the influences of our words.

Penny discusses the power of words on our biology, while touching on quantum physics, and Mark integrates his energetic language into the conversation. Penny shares how Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work has influenced her.

The trio shares personal experiences related to creating and has fun holding each other accountable.


Mark Robinson

Email: spiritquester@gmail.com

Penny Petys

Email: wildsoulastrology@outlook.com

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